Speaker Biography

Dr. Ada Myrto


Albania is a small and Mediterranean country inhabited of  3  milion of people. One half of the population lives in urban areas while the other part is spread out in agricultural settings and mountain villages.  Viral hepatitis B is a cause of high morbidity among Albanian population. The morbidity rate is higher in children and adolescents than in adults.  One half of all reported cases of viral jaundice is caused by hepatitis B virus infection ( HBV).  Hepatitis B virus infection is the most easily transmitted blood-borne pathogen. Despite the fact that infection is preventable through vaccination and post –exposure immunoglobulin therapy, many people are unaware of the risk of HBV infection and appropriate preventive measures and also managing of the situation after exposure in the different environments like in family and further. This review  focuses on the  improvement of the attitude and knowledge of primary care doctors  to HBV infection as they have the first approach with the patient especially in areas where the access to the hepatologist  and infectionist doctors is difficult to obtain.