Speaker Biography

Ms Farheen L Hashmi

Senior Research Assistant, Aga Khan University, Karachi

Title: Spectrum of Gastroenterology And Liver Disease A Changing Trends

Ms Farheen L Hashmi

Farheen Lubna Hashmi (BHMS, Statistician, Researcher) is a Senior Research Assistant at the Aga Khan University & Hospital ,where she has conducted research in different areas for more than 7 years, on the past era she focused  on Gastroenterology & Liver disease researches, her publications were published in different  journals, she got best poster presentation award on research day conducted by AKU Hospital in 2017.  

Research area: Gastroneterology, Hepatitis, menometry



Background: The prevalence of GI and liver disease in the Pakistani population has increased remarkably over the recent years, reflecting an elevated burden on healthcare systems. Optimized health management and effective resource utilization in Health care facilities is based on timely documentation and reporting of disease patterns.

Aims : To present data from the GODD (gastroenterology outpatient discharge diagnosis) registry, comparing annual trends of GI & liver disease incidence among patients presenting to the Aga Khan University Hospital.

Methods: A review of electronic records was performed for all patients presenting to the Gastroenterology clinic, AKUH between 2013 and 2016. Collected information included patient characteristics and outpatient discharge diagnosis (primary and associated), based on a list of 72 approved diagnosis categories related to gastrointestinal and Liver diseases. Annual variation in this data is presented in this paper. A single visit is counted for specific year for each patient.

Result: A total of 28,493 new patients were seen in gastroenterology clinic (table 1). The mean age of the patients was 44.6+15.8 years with an overall higher representation of males (58%). The number of patients was seen to gradually increase during study period from 6410 in 2013 to 8138 in 2016. Overall, 15,956 (56%)  patients presented with GI disease which comprised